2015 Business Awards Gala Sponsors

BPW Greater Sudbury, 70 Years strong, congratulates all the deserving winners of our 2015 Business Awards, presented at the gala on June 10, 2015 at the Hellenic Centre.

See below for our deserving Winners

Our Deserving 2015 Winners


Bernardine Yackman Award

Business & Professional Women Greater Sudbury established the Bernardine Yackman Award in 1985. The award, which is bestowed annually, honours a woman in the City of Greater Sudbury, who has made a significant contribution to the community in elected or appointed office, in a religious or political organization, in a volunteer service, and/or by acting as a role model in her place of employment.

Bernardine Yackman Award 2015 Recipient - Darlene Palmer


Rachel Proulx Memorial Award

This award is named after the late Rachel Proulx, a tireless community builder. For more than 25 years, through leadership at local, provincial and national levels, Rachel was an inspirational role model, educator, mentor, advocate and supporter of women in all levels of society.

Her passion for improving the world for students, abused women, the physically challenged and particularly, for the elevation of professional and business women, was evident in all she undertook. Her energy, discipline and work ethic in supporting these communities of interest was legendary. She stood up for the causes she believed in and never took the easy road when faced with opposition to her public appeals for equality, fairness and representation for women.

The recipient of the Rachel Proulx Award is presented with a certificate of recognition and a glass sculpture during the Awards Gala. A $200 donation is also made in the winner’s name to the charity of their choice.

President's Award 2015 Recipient - Narasim Katary

Start Up Award

The recipient has been in business for at least three years to a maximum of five years.Her venture provides a product, service or marketing strategy that is innovative and supported by a solid plan for growth.

Start Up Award 2015 Recipient - Lisa Lounsbury, New Day Wellness

Young Entrepreneur Award

The recipient is 35 years of age or younger, is in business or is operating a business. The business may have provided revenue to assist with expenses related to her studies.  Her business provides a product or service. She must have been in business at least two years.

Young Entrepreneur Award 2015 Recipient - Vicki Durette and Amanda Wrigley, Vic's Variety

Intrapreneur Award

The recipient of this new award is a woman intrapreneur (one who acts like an entrepreneur but does not own her own business) who focuses on or influences innovation, creativity, or transforming an idea into a profitable venture while working within a large company or organization. She is a decision-maker who contributes to achieving the goals of the organization, including impacting the bottom line through her unique contributions. Her dynamic nature adds to the success and growth of an organization.

Intrapreneur Award 2015 Recipient - Sue Lekun, Celerity Staffing Inc.

Business Leadership Award

This award is designed to honour the business woman who has accepted the challenge of developing and expanding a successful business. She has shown her ability to develop her business plan and marketing strategy and apply it to customer service and job creation.

Business Leadership Award 2015 Recipient - Cheryl Zeglen, What to Wear

Innovation Award

Many businesses thrive, but only a few are truly innovative. The recipient’s company has a unique product, service or business management strategy that gives her company a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Supported by a talented management team and adequate financing, this company is positioned for growth.

Innovation Award 2015 Recipient - Alicia Woods, Covergalls Workwear Inc.

President's Award

Award given at the discretion of the President - could be awarded for such accomplishments as Leadership or Volunteering.

President's Award 2015 Recipient - Kathy Wells McNeil, Total Nursing Care Inc.

Lifetime Achievement Award

The recipient has owned her business for 20 years or more and is still actively involved in the operations of her business. Her personal success has been a catalyst and inspiration for both her contemporaries and younger women. This award is a salute to entrepreneurial women pioneers.

Lifetime Achievement Award 2015 Recipient - Shelia Bracken, Fashion Fair Ladies Wear

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award is in recognition of the success and achievement of an outstanding Sudbury woman entrepreneur. The winner of this award is chosen by the judges from among the winners of the Business Leadership, Innovation and Lifetime Achievement categories.

Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015 Recipient - Alicia Woods, Covergalls Workwear Inc.

Past Award Recipients

2014 Recipients

President's Award - Iona Reed Pukara
Business Leadership Award - Diane Doucet Salo
Bernardine Yackman Award - Patricia Mills
Innovation Award - Marissa Schroeder
Lifetime Achievement Award - Lynn Mazzuca
Woman of the Year Award - Diane Doucet Salo
Start Up Award - Nathalie Bertrand
Intrapreneur Award - Chloe Gordon

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2013 Recipients

Young Entrepreneur Award - Ashley Burton - Arts North
President's Award - Bela Ravi
Business Leadership Award - Brigette Michel-Finlay - A&J Home Hardware
Quality Plus Award - Carole Charbonneau - Flower Towne
Innovation Award - Carole Roy - Old Rock Roastery
Bernardine Yackman Award - Deborah Sullivan
Lifetime Achievement Award - June Cote
Woman of the Year Award - June Cote - Lingerie Shop
Start Up Award - Kelly Ranta - Heels and Handbags
Partnership Award - Leslie Moutsatsos - Pat & Mario's

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2012 Recipients
Quality Plus Award - Lisa Bonin
Business Leadership Award - Julie DeSimone*
Woman Entrepreneur of the Year - Julie DeSimone*
Bernardine Yackman Award - Lin Gibson
Innovation Award - Sylvie Gervais-Leduc
Start-up Award - Tara Hurley
Lifetime Achievement Award - Karen Lacasse
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 * Julie DeSimone represented by her daughter Megan in photo.

2011 Recipients
Trailblazer Leadership Award - Dr. Diana Colilli & Marianne Matichuck
President's Choice Award - Gaëtanne Pharand
Bernardine Yackman Award - Sylvia Barnard
Business Leadership / Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Joanne Caouette
Partnership Award - Danielle Audet & Monique Paajanen
People's Choice Award - Pat Cunningham
Exceptional Woman Award - Lise Sénégal & Katie Goggins
Quality Plus Award - Karen Baglole & Melanie Michel-Pella
Start-up Award - Ingride Mogensen

2010 Recipients
Trailblazer Leadership Award - Rebecca Anne Johnston & Tessa Bonhomme
Heritage Trailblazer Leadership Award - Tracy Recollet
Bernardine Yackman Award - Vicky Ridout Kett
Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Toula Sakellaris
Lifetime Business Leadership Award - Toula Sakellaris
Student Business Award - Brenna Massimiliano & Darby-Reed Massimiliano
Exceptional Woman Award - Liliane Provencher & Claudette R. McDavid
Quality Plus Award - Meredith Morris
2009 Recipients

Trailblazer Leadership Award - Rona Ramsey
President's Choice Award - Elizabeth (Betty) Freelandt
Bernardine Yackman Award - The Honorable Diane Marleau
Innovation Award - Monique Forsyth
Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award - Monique Forsyth
Lifetime Achievement Award - Brenda Castonguay
Leadership in Philanthropy Award - Jill Pressot
Business Leadership Award - Josée Gagnon
Exceptional Woman Award - Jessica Guénard-Valiquette
Quality Plus Award - Lisa Kurkimaki
Start-up Award - Dr. Angela Titon, DC

2007 Recipient
Bernardine Yackman Award - Toula Sakellaris
2005 Recipients
Women in Leadership Awards in:
Education: Sylvia Barnard, Gisèle Chrétien, Jean Hanson, Zandra Zubac, Hélène Chayer, Louise d'Amour, & Dr. Judith Woodsworth
Municipal Administration: Caroline Hallsworth, Sandra Jonasson, & Catherine Matheson
Health: Vicki Kaminski & Dr. Penny Sutcliffe
Law & Justice: Diana Fuller, Madame Justice Louise Gauthier, & Madame Justice Patricia C. Hennessy
Elected City Council: Frances Caldarelli, Janet Gasparini, & Lynne Reynolds
Elected Provincial / Federal: The Honorable Diane Marleau & The Honorable Shelley Martel
Women of Distinction Award - Jocelyne Ouédraogo (Monday), Paulette MacDonald (Tuesday), Tracey Duguay (Wednesday), Angel Mannisto (Thursday), & Lisla Beaton (Friday / Weekend)
Bernardine Yackman Award - Judi Cartman
Outstanding Woman of the Year - Cécile Saari
2003 Recipient
Bernardine Yackman Award - Rachel Proulx
2002 Recipients
Bernardine Yackman Award - Jeannine Larcher Lalande
Women of the Year Award - Kathryn Volf

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